In about 140 words, write a paragraph about the benefits of reading books.

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In about 140 words, write a paragraph about the benefits of reading books. The following prompts might be helpful to you.
– Widening knowledge
– Improving language
– Relaxing

các bạn có thể tham khảo bài sau ( nguồn

Write a paragraph about the benefits of reading books.

Nowadays, media development has many positive influences in human’s life. People have lots of sources to get information and take entertainment such as television, radio, Internet, etc. but nobody can deny the importance as well as the benefits of reading books.

First, reading books helps us widen our knowledge. Vietnamese has a proverb which means that we should travel to broad our understanding, if we always stay at home with our mother, we will never be wise. However, nowadays, not only does reading books costs less money but it is also more comfortable than taking a trip. We just lie on the couch and comprehensive what is happening in the books. Thanks to the wide range of books such as science, literature, astronomy, archeology, biology, physics, etc. we can get information focus on our own fields as well as the others. The more books we have read, the more knowing we have obtained.

Secondly, reading books helps us improve our expression ability like writing and speaking. The writing style of some our favorite writers will affect ours. Especially, when we read foreign literature, we will not only know more about that country but also have chance to improve our reading skill, learn new words which can be used to better our essays.

Last but not least, reading books helps us relax after a hard-working day. It is also an interest for everybody who does not like to visit crowded places at the weekend. They like quiet atmosphere and do not want to disturb anybody so they consider books as their close friend. They meet their stories, their lives in books and they feel extremely sympathetic with the characters’ situations. Reading books makes them happy and relieve stress.

In conclusion, reading books is so important and has many benefits. It not only help us become more clever but also bring us happiness. Therefore, everyone should be encouraged to read books as much as possible.


19 comments on “In about 140 words, write a paragraph about the benefits of reading books.

  1. Phạm Mai says:

    i think it is an essay, not a paragraph.

  2. Sorry but It's the same

  3. Đậu Mắm says:

    Hoàng Vũ Lê giờ mình mới biết zụ này

  4. firstly hay first cũng đc, nhưng mà văn viết thì xài firstly cho nó khỏi bị trừ điểm, còn văn nói thì nguwoi ta hay nói first hơn

  5. comprehend not comprehensive

  6. Hoàng Vũ Lê Nếu muốn có thêm điểm bạn viết dài nó ra cũng đc,kiểu như là "First of all" chẳng hạn

  7. phong says:

    about coudld go for a pinic

  8. Hoa says:

    Basically, this essay is quite ok although it still has some mistakes. the thesis statement of the introduction doesn’t mention detail benefits of reading book. For this reason the conclusion also restate/summary the main ideals. Anyway thank person who wrote and posted this essay.

  9. Chi Vann says:

    essay and paragraph ?
    They’re completely different…
    Personally, I think this essay can be changed into a perfect paragraph if you choose the main idea of each paragraph and then, put it together, add some analysis and examples .

  10. Thư says:

    to abroad?

  11. thuy says:

    i think reading book help us very so much such as: widen our knowledge and broaden understanding.however, it helps us learn to subjects better such as:english, math, history, …

  12. Đậu Đỏ says:

    Đây là essay rồi mà ???

  13. Van phan says:

    It is so long for me to write it

  14. Đan Đan says:

    Đùa à!
    Ai mà thuộc được.Đoạn văn ngắn đây hả trời

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